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We offer companies the repair, reconstruction, production skylights in which we use our company certified system. It is a system of arc skylights with a lightweight and highly durable construction made of aluminum profiles.

If you are leaking into production or other premises, solve enormous heat escapes through poorly insulated roofs or plan to build a new hall roof, we can help you.

The company is engaged in complex solutions of ventilated facades using a variety of advanced materials, including a detailed elaboration of the technical requirements of the investor.

The roof lights have a significant impact on the optimization of the working environment inside the building, a significant saving of both light and heat energy.

Windows product line SEADON with conventional double glazing meet the requirements of the "Green Savings" and are registered in the list of products registered with the SEF, where quality is guaranteed by Czech manufacturer

Many customers took to polycarbonate for its excellent properties such as low weight, high strength, flexibility, as well as for heat and light properties and low cost.

Air turbine that works without a claim for mediation energy exclusively based on physical laws. The warm air inside the building due to chimney effect pushes out of the building and spins the turbine and ventilation.

Sophisticated solutions inspection doors, which are due to the patented technical solutions made from one piece of drywall excluding metal frame.

We supply blasting colored rivets with large heads (d2 = 16 mm) composed of aluminum / stainless steel according to your desired color RAL. Rivets are dyed using a special paint that meets the requirements of ventilated facades, balconies, etc.

Need to excavate foundations to transport soil to prepare the land for building or other landscaping? Our company will be happy to help. Perform ground work machine New Holland since 2006.

We offer a range of advertising space for rent. Advertising space is located on the street Místecká.

We provide design, supply and installation of lighting fixtures. Design and implementation of lighting in the interior and exterior.